2.Balance Me Skin Face Wash


Hands up if you want nice skin! Watch as every hand in the arena rises. This has made me SO happy over the past month, not only because it’s done what it says on the tin, but it’s done so much more also. If you’ve never heard of this product before (which I suspect many of you haven’t) it’s basically a skin-balancing cleanser. It’s super super super good for your skin, because it’s pure and its 98.8% natural origin. So what effects do you get from use?

Well, firstly it removes make-up. It dissolves the make-up when you use it, making sure it gets rid of every last bit. But it doesn’t just remove make-up, it also eliminates daily grime that builds up on your face. I wasn’t aware of how much crap builds up on your face every day, but after using this, my skin feels really light and airy. Definitely works!

The only turn off is the price as it’s a little pricey at £11 per 50ml, so it’s a little treat when you’re feeling naughty. I can understand its expense though, as it’s full of spruce knot, bran oil and ylang ylang oils as well as many other healthy stuff, so you’re getting value for money. Fortunately, if you’re not sure you can purchase tiny 15 ml bottles for around £4, so why not give it a go?

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