1.Paradise Eau De Toilette by Next

This is a fragrance, and I love fragrances although I very rarely buy them. I like to devote myself to one fragrance, and only when it’s used up buy another. However, this I saw in Next and I just couldn’t help myself; the budget price tag; the gorgeous smell and the pretty colour.

In an original plan just to stick it in my handbag for every-now-and-again use, I went a little off-track as I loved it so much! I’ve used this lot in April, not only because I loved it, but because it’s also month-perfect. The sweet, fresh scent really matched the sunny weather and the mood April brings. I loved to wear it.

The bottle is a really convenient size, and it also comes with a small roll-on purse tube with the same beautiful scent. The packaging material is glass, with a gold metal lid and a clear plastic lid. What I really like about this, as mentioned earlier, is the price tag. It’s £6.50 for just the bottle, and a little more expensive if you want the roll-on purse tube as well. I’ve really fallen for this product; it’s been a fantastic “side perfume” for normal days where I don’t want to use my expensive stuff but want to smell gorgeous too.

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