Eye Brows

Air brush Eye brows are suitable for people whose eyebrows lack shape and definition or have small gaps. The after effect is a soft powdery look under the eye brow hair which makes the brow look fuller and enhances the shape. It has a softer more natural look.  £200

Creative Eye brows 

Creative Eye brows are for people who love their eyebrows and want the world to know it, so long as the shape is good and they are not black eyebrows with blonde hair they will look great it is a more intense look or what is commonly known as the the celebrity eye brow look £220.

Permanent makeup

Eyebrows are great if you have over plucked your eye brows and can give you back the shape.

3D Eye Brows

The 3D effect eyebrow is more for people with no eyebrows or very fine sparse eyebrows, it is done in two sittings the first is the base colour which is the airbrush effect and the shape 5-6 weeks later you come back and we put a mixture of different colours on top which look more like hairs, this is how you get the 3D Tri-ColorTM eyebrows. It is possible to trade in that old school tattoo eyebrow for a fresh, more natural hair simulation sensation. £275

(This is done in two sittings)

Top up for brows from £90- £125

Eyebrow Solutions

Are you able to draw on your eyebrows whenever you want?

Do you find that you are always too busy to do so?

Eyebrows are a very important facial feature as they can transmit many things such as the way we react and feel towards situations or people.

It can be very hard to manage your time especially when you’re occupied with work, home chores and other life issues. During these circumstances looking presentable can be quite difficult.

However, there are many things that are now available to make your eyebrows last longer. These are:

  • Micro pigmentation
  • Microblading

There is a difference between micro pigmentation and microblading however they both work well when helping to define and give your eyebrow a better look