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You don’t have to be a slave to your beauty regime, but sticking to it for a few weeks will give you noticeable results. Having suffered with acne, sticking to a routine really cleared up my problem skin and now, even if a miss a few steps, I have the foundation of good skin to make it forgivable!

Skin is your body’s largest organ, and people often don’t realise that it needs just as much attention as the rest of you. If you are worried about the state of your skin and want to keep it feeling clean and healthy then you should invest in a skincare regime and some skincare products to help you with it.

Simple Skin Care Solutions

Moisturising should be an essential part of your daily skin routine especially in the winter and summer months when your skin is constantly exposed to cold winds and overpowering heat that can cause your skin to hydrate. Moisturising stops your skin from drying out and preserves your natural oils.

Cleanse your face at the end of the day, especially if you have been wearing make-up as it helps to open up your pores and makes it easier to remove dirt that could build up creating spots and blackheads. Once your face has been cleansed use masks or exfoliates to clean your pores. Use exfoliates with small grains to remove as much dirt as possible without irritating your face.

Drink plenty of water and have green tea as it contains antioxidants, remember to have all of your five a day as the vitamins and the minerals that your body get will aid your skin in rejuvenating and repairing itself faster.

When washing your face try not to use too much soap as it can wash away your skins natural oils which only cause your skin to make more oils in response, meaning your face will appear greasy. You could try using cleansers instead of soap as they clean your skin while preserving your natural oils.

Blackheads are a blight on your skin and are caused when sebum (an oily secretion of the sebaceous gland) becomes trapped in your hair follicles. To stop blackheads appearing on your skin use clay based face masks and these penetrate the follicles better removing the excess oil. If you want to remove blackheads, open the pores first with warm water or steam so that your pores are not damaged when you try and remove the blackhead’s substance.

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