3.Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Lotion

This is undoubtedly my favourite moisturizer or lotion I’ve ever used. It ticks every single box with things I want from a lotion and even more, it’s unstoppable; I’m discovering new benefits from it every day. The packaging is perfect, it’s really simple yet tells you everything, I’ve never seen better! The packaging claims;

“Essential Moisture cocoa radiant leaves your skin healthy and glowing”

It honestly does just that. It feels really light and natural so I don’t feel like I’m sticky, greasy or got heavy moisturizer on. I got the cocoa one, because cocoa moisturizers tend to be stronger, however I’m unaware if this is true in this collection because I haven’t tried the others.

The thing I really like about this though is the natural-ness of it. Normal quality moisturizers leave your skin soft and looking good. This does just that, but your skin looks healthy too; it makes your skin appear naturally hydrated.

Having good skin is the main key to natural beauty and if you’re struggling to achieve that I’d really recommend this lotion. I’m so impressed with it, and I’ve no longer ever got dehydrated or dry skin anywhere on my body. I’ve been glowing and looking healthy ever since I discovered it; it’s a life saver!

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